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From the desk of Steve Lowell

Master Motivational Speaker and Public Speaking Mentor


Dear Friend,


I'm Steve Lowell, master motivational speaker and public speaking mentor. I have been on stage for over 43 years (since the age of 6) and in 43 years, I have learned a few things about what works and what doesn't work on the stage and I want you to know what I know about captivating audiences, selling your stuff and  and getting those illusive standing ovations!


I'm going to do you a huge favor...


A little later,  I'm going to tell you the secret that only the highest-paid, most sought-after and successful speakers know about earning standing ovations.  But first, let me tell you why so many speakers will never ever become the influential, inspirational and powerful speaker they dream of being.


It's because most people are trained to follow a set of rules that make them look and sound like robotic cyborgs instead of inspiring speakers.  I see so many poeple with profound stories to tell, amazing and life-changing wisdom and experience, but when they take the stage to share their stories, they get so caught up in


If you know the answers to these questions, then you don't need this book...

  • What is the single most important secret that you need to know if you want to earn standing ovations?

  • What profit-sucking mistakes are you making over and over again that are secretly destroying your speaking career?

  • What is the one golden rule that you must never, ever break as a speaker?

99 powerful secrets to being a powerhouse-speaker right away...Charm, influence and inspire your audiences, moving them to action.


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Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author & International Speaker


Uncover modern, scientifically validated techniques for delivering persuasive and influential presentations...Don't be leaving your presentations to chance, apply these proven techniques that have been tested over 43 years of experience!


“Steve Lowell’s From Stage Fright to Spotlight takes the best thinking on modern communication along with his own experience, knowledge and common sense, and wraps it in an easy to digest must-read book for anyone who needs to quickly understand and practice the routes to great public speaking. I would certainly put it down as a book I wish I had written first!”

Mark Bowden, International Speaker, Coach to Prime Ministers of G8 Countries and Author of Winning Body Language


Easy to read, simple to implement and tons of great stories and examples...Read it today, be a better speaker tomorrow!


"What a quick and easy way to be a great public speaker. I'm sure you'll enjoy his book as much as I did."

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, International Speaker, World Renowned Network Marketing Guru


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Also available on in paperback ($19.97) or kindle ($9.97)


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It's simple...if you don't think the information in this book will help make you a better speaker, I'll return your money!


Earlier I told you that I would share with you the single most important secret that you need to know if you want to be earn standing ovations ...ready? it is..


Speaking is not about transferring's about transferring emotion! If you can make your audience feel about your product or service the way you feel about your product or service, they are going to want to buy your product or service, right? As speakers, our job is to make our audience feel about our message the way we feel about our message. 


Move your audience at the emotional level; reach into their imagination, their soul, and make them feel the same passion you feel, and you'll earn those standing ovations! But so many speakers just don't get that one simple principle, or don't know how to make it happen.


It makes me really, really sad...


To see great people who have profound stories to tell but who lack the confidence or the skills to take the stage, share their stories and change lives.

I have clients come to me and tell me that they turn down speaking opportunities because they have such stage fright and they just don't feel prepared to take the stage.  So many lessons and so much wisdom is wasted and lost because those stories will never be told, or will be told so poorly that the impact will never be felt.


Maybe you're paralyzed by stage fright and just can't bring yourself to take the stage. Or,. maybe you're already an accomplished speaker  who needs to elevate your speaking game to that next level.  Well, everything could change for you today!.


Weather you're a newbie or an established professional speaker... there is wisdom in this book that could catapult your speaking career!


"Brilliant! This book is a MUST read for anyone looking to speak in public professionally or otherwise. It is the most no-nonsense, down-to-earth and practical books I've ever read on this topic. Follow Steve Lowell's 99 tips and you will become the speaker you've always dreamed of."

Roslyn Franken, International Speaker, Coach and Author of The A List: 9 Guiding Principles for Healthy Eating and Positive Living


No long chapters, no drawn out explanations, no bull... Stay engaged and captivated as you read and see the techniques being used through the stories and examples in the book.


"Excellent book if you are really serious about becoming a better Speaker. Steve's book is very captivating and engages you all the way through bringing to light everything you wanted or needed to know to develop your speaking skills. I have heard Steve speak on numerous occasions and this book is like being there live and having your own personal coach guiding you step by step. Steve is an experienced and seasoned pro - his book is a must have!"

Elliott Smith, Professional Magician, Speaker and Author of Highway to Success


Bonus chapter on how to stop PowerPoint from sucking the life-force out of your presentations...break free from the confines of electronic slideshows, present with real passion and build a relationship with your audience.


“Steve Lowell's book has pearls of wisdom that are not to be missed. The first two sections of the book alone are worth the price of the book. The thoughts on self-management and responsibility for outcome of the presentation are highly worthwhile, and the Appendix on the use of PowerPoint, including sections of the book dealing with it, are tremendously helpful with today's over-reliance on technology in place of creativity, substance and engagement with the audience. Every speaker who wants to improve his or her craft should read this book!”

Louis B. Cady, MD, Professional Speaker, Founder, CEO - Cady Wellness Institute



OK Steve, I'm convinced! I want to be a profoundly better speaker right now for only $19.97 for the Instant PDF download!


Also available on in paperback ($19.97) or kindle ($9.97)


Buy the eBook


It's simple...if you don't think the information in this book will help make you a better speaker, I'll return your money!



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